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We are QTIS.
State-of-the-Art care
from Germany.

But what could we be for your company?

Yes, we are QTIS skincare. And yes, we are a generous team with the highest respect for everyone who lovingly cares for people in need of care.

But we are so much more for you.

Wound care is a challenge for patients, doctors, nurses and families. Improving treatment for wound care leads to faster healing and fewer recurrences (renewed aggravation of the wound).

QTIS skincare is your reliable partner and brings everyone involved in wound- and skin care to the center of the quality care circle.

From ideation to manufacturing and supply, QTIS skincare is an ideal partner in the strategic planning process of beauty, personal care, and home care products.

Our ability to understand our clients’ needs means being able to offer bespoke solutions that range from complete end-to-end service to more targeted entries into the value chain.

We are dedicated to innovation through ideation, and feature expansive capabilities in product delivery systems, design, and packaging.

Our pan-European‎ infrastructure and integrated supply chain enable us to develop and deliver complex products while also maintaining the flexibility to respond to the needs of our customers as they arise.

We are QTIS skincare. State-of-the-art care for cosmetics, health sector and tattoos. With an experience of more than 20 years.


“Art is the elixir of life and turns
a true vocation into a profession!”

Our Qtis skincare tube isn't just a tube, it's a feeling

The mission of QTIS skincare

Let us talk about the added value to the quality care circle of people involved: We are QTIS and we will strengthening the image of a woundcare expert by developing specific product portfolio!

Your positive experience with home care products will improve treatment of your patients! The efficiency will increase because of specific product-design! The result will be lower cost for the health care system!

QTIS actively supports “best practice” intentions of care specialists!

We make the world a little bit more colorful for the real heroes like patients, doctors, nurses and family members!

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