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This is what we call Art.
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Our wound care QTIS skincare portfolio offers products that support healthcare professionals and patients at all stages of wound healing. In collaboration with professionals, we develop product solutions to achieve a common goal – fewer days with sores and pain.

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This is our QTIS skincare portfolio for you.

Qtis skincare developed meco Foam Heel

meco® Foam Heel Non-Adhesive

meco® Foam Heel Non-Adhesive is a sterile polyurethane foam dressing which effectively absorbs and retains wound exudate.

On contact with the wound exudate, an ideally moist wound environment is created which thus promotes granulation and epithelialisation.


CE medical device

Usable with secondary dressing or a compression bandage

Creates an ideal moist wound environment

QTIS®  Pan The Nol

Our Pan The Nol has an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and skin-soothing effect.

It penetrates the skin quickly and intensively, allowing the active ingredient to develop its effects effectively. Panthenol prevents skin irritation with its soothing properties.

This product is our benchmark for QTIS skincare.


cares for your skin

looks cool

made with love

QTIS skincare portfolio starts here. With our very smooth "Pan The Nol" skin ointment

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meco foam adhesive designed and developed for special wound care

meco® Foam Adhesive

meco® Foam Adhesive absorbs wound exudate, creates a moist wound environment and minimizes the risk of maceration.

The soft silicone layer makes it easier to apply and adhere the dressing to intact skin, but does not cause skin trauma or pain when removed.


absorbs wound exudate

creates a moist wound environment

minimizes the risk of maceration

meco® Silicone Grid


meco® Silicone Grid is a thin, transparent bandage made from polyurethane film and silicone gel with an open, perforated structure.

The silicone mesh conforms to the shape of the wound and should be used in combination with an outer absorbent dressing. The open, perforated structure allows exudate to penetrate vertically into the outer, absorbent dressing and allows for easy topical treatment.

meco® Silicone Grid prevents the outer, absorbent bandage from sticking to the wound.


adapts to the shape of the wound

ensures an atraumatic dressing change

can be cropped

Qtis skincare developed a silicone grid for meco for pain-free dressing changes.
Tao Patch designed and developed by QTIS skincare


The Fixation for TAOPATCH® devices was a special order: we produced a patch to attach a sensor to the skin that does not affect the function of the sensor.


CE Patented Medical Device

Water and sweat resistant

ideal for athletes but also for daily use