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Artist Madeleine "Mäd" Maros' version of her packaging for QTIS skincare and "Pan The Nol"

Art by Madeleine “Mäd” Maros
for QTIS skincare


Make the world a more colorful and better place with urban style and worldwide impressions. Discover my version for QTIS skincare today.

Love The Care – Pan The Nol

Who is the artist?

“With a lot of color, even more passion and attention to detail, I want to make the world a more colorful and better place. For me, illustration is the most beautiful way to do that. As a communication designer, with a focus on branding and illustration, I started my own business during my studies.

Spaces, perspectives and objects, in combination with typography, are my favorite motifs. It fascinates me that everything is possible in illustration, that I create something new from nothing and push the boundaries of reality.

At the moment I’m at home in the wide world, getting to know new cultures and their art. This teaches me to perceive the uniqueness and beauty in everything and everyone. Daily life is my biggest inspiration.”

Pan The Nol Artist Madeleine "Mäd" Maros

Madeleine “Mäd” Maros for QTIS skincare

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“Spaces, perspectives and objects, in combination with typography, are my favorite motifs.”

QTIS skincare portfolio starts here. With our very smooth "Pan The Nol" skin ointment

You are our heroes – the people who dedicate their hearts and minds to the care of patients with chronic wounds – use it every day.
High-quality skin care products are a matter of course for all of us. The same applies to the wide range of products for professional wound care.

WE LOVE THE ART OF CARE by QTIS skincare means, that we took care of more than just regulatory topics. We are also experts to make your product looking better for customers and the market.

We want to produce your own brand with the highest quality products that focus on the needs of caregivers, patients and relatives. Clear needs, easy-to-understand and outstanding design of packaging and also product.

This is what we call the ‘High Art Of Care’ on QTIS skincare. And we love it everyday.